Tommy Dinosaur Night Light

Tommy Dinosaur Night Light

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This cute silicone animal night light provides a fun night light for the whole family. Made of washable silicone with a pleasant soft touch to the body, these lamps are perfect for children of any age. There are different personalities to choose from, and each family member can take their favorite friends home to protect them at night.

Just tap on their heads to open them, and then keep tapping, cycling through various colors. These cute little animals can last for 4 hours with only one charge, providing sweet and magical dreams for the whole family.

Product Features:

Soft bisphenol-a-free silicone valve body, washable to ensure durability

The color-changing light provides a soft glow, allowing you to sleep well at night

Suitable for children's rooms, bathrooms and nurseries

The charging cable includes

Indoor use only

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