3 Color Tie Dye Kit

3 Color Tie Dye Kit

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Product Features:
  • 3 bottles of highly concentrated non-toxic one-step dye coordination popular colors easy to squeeze bottle-just add water to activate
  • Step-by-step technical guide features more than 8 tie-dye appearance options
  • No need to prepress fabric with soda ash before dyeing
  • Dye is safe for machine wash-the color remains bright and bold repeated washing
  • Use 100% natural fiber fabrics such as cotton, rayon and wool for best results
  • Perfect for personal projects and family fun

Easy To Use
  • Protect the work surface with a plastic table cloth or garbage bag. Cover with a paper towel.
  • Pre-wash the fabric to remove sizing. Do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets.
  • Select the required technology. If using the wet method, use it directly from the washing machine. If drying technology is used, first use a dryer to dry the fabric.
  • Put on rubber gloves, add water to the dye bottle, and fill to the line. Replace cover tightly. Shake until the dye is dissolved. For strong colors, use full intensity. If the color is lighter, you can add water in an extra bottle.
  • Dye the fabric and check whether the dye penetrates into the creases and folds. Don't oversaturate the fabric. If the dye color is applied too close, the color may become cloudy. Check the back of the fabric to make sure the dye penetrates to the back. If it is not, carefully turn the fabric over and add dye.

  • Cover the dyed fabric with plastic wrap to keep it moist. Set 6-8 hours or longer to process the strongest colors. Fully rinse the dyed fabric in warm water until all the extra dye is removed and the water runs clear-remove the rubber band, if used.
  • Fill the washing machine to the high load setting with the hottest water suitable for the fabric and a small amount of laundry soap. Washing and drying are separated. 8. The first few cleanings should be cleaned separately. Do not let the dyed fabric wet other items.
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