24 Color DIY Tie Dye Kit

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Product Features:

  • The most comprehensive set: 24 vibrant color tie-dye bottles (60ml/bottle). In addition, 10 pairs of plastic gloves, 120 rubber bands, 1 plastic countertop cover, and 1 step-by-step technical guide.

  • 24-color tie-dye: Easy DIY tie-dye, creating vibrant designs for shirts and fabrics. We strongly recommend the use of natural fabrics, such as cotton, wool and rayon, because they can best show our colors. No need to soak in baking soda, just add water, shake and squeeze the bottle. With colorful labels and color names, it is easy to find the color you want. Absolute system.

  • 10 DIY tie-dye modeling guides: 10 technical guides for DIY tie-dye modeling. Suitable for friends gathering, family gatherings or other group activities.

  • 100% suitable for children: Tie-dye is non-toxic and acid-free. They are perfect for all ages, especially protective gloves and bench covers. Completely child.

  • It is very easy to star with all the fun.

Product Specifications:

  • 24 bottles of dye (60ml per bottle)

  • 120 rubber bands

  • 20 plastic gloves

  • 1 tablecloth

  • Full-color instructions.

These dyes are permanent and will not fade, so they will not fade during washing. The most dynamic fibers such as 100% cotton, rayon and silk. There are as many as 90 dye items.

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